Christmas shoooooot ❤

This is all the work that went into the Christmas shoot, except this doesn’t include all the time that I spent going from shop to shop trying to find all of the stuff that i needed to make this shoot possible. I found it very hard to find the magic snow, which is basically a white crystal that you add water to and it expands to make a snow like substance, i decided to use this over snow spray as i wanted the actual snow effect rather than the squirt kind of look. I also found it pretty difficult to find a christmas tree that was small but not tiny… i needed it to look big compared to the Lego man but be small enough to not look ridiculously big next to the Lego man basically he needed to be able to reach the tree at his tiny little height… I think this shoot went the best so far, i planned it pretty well, i knew what i needed to make it possible. I did however have a few problems with the snow and the glass because after a while of repositioning and touching the snow and the glass the glass became smeared with what ever substance it was made out of and it was pretty hard to clean off the glass as it just seemed to spread even more as i tried to clean it.. this made it difficult to get a clear photo through the window after a fair few shots were taken. I also need to use better lighting next time. but other than that, i feel that this shoot went pretty well but i can still improve further.


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