Blog Evaluation.

Blog Evaluation.


I found that when It came to blogging on the current projects that we were doing quite difficult to remember to blog it as well as actually do the work. But doing the actual blog itself was pretty simple WordPress was quick and simple to use, when setting up the blog it explains everything that you need to be able to do to successfully blog.


WordPress is a good way to get your ideas and work out there, and to build a good online presence if paired with other platforms such as Instagram, it would be possible to make a successful presence online and to get your name more known in the photography world. I find it also a good platform to display your work as an online portfolio.


I don’t think that right now I will continue to use my WordPress as it does take a longer period of time then other platforms to upload your work, I will personally prefer to use Instagram as you upload your photos straight away and then just add hashtags and from them tags people are able to find your work, weather it’s a location tag or a tag of a certain subject itself.


At first I found that my blog came in quite handy as an over view on the projects that I was working on, but as the projects went on I found it became more difficult to find the time to update it, even with a set amount of time to do blog work, the 3 hours on a Friday afternoon wasn’t enough to evaluate all of the work that I was currently doing in my sketch books and the research and going out and doing shoots as well, WordPress however would come in handy if I was running a business rather than studying a subject even though it is still handy to have an online presence now I find my presence is currently best served using Instagram.

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