The aftermath of Monday 12th nov shoot…

I feel that my first lego man shoot went terrible, I wasn’t able to capture what i wanted as my camera wouldn’t pick up the motion that i was trying to capture. I believe this could have been because my exposure triangle was incorrect, so in the future i need to trial the settings before a shoot and consider things such as motion being captured. i don’t feel i put in as much effort with getting everything correct for this shoot as i should have as there are more aspects to consider then what i considered. to improve future shoots i need to be more prepared before hand, figure out my camera settings, tripod angles. i also need to take into consideration the lighting of the shots, for this shoot i thought outside natural light would be best, however this isn’t the case. I now feel an over head or maybe a ring light would be best for this kind of shoot.


Planning a shoot..

The spider diagrams shown above is how I came up with ideas for the first Lego man shoot, I first came up with different ideas and then picked and idea and expanded it in another spider diagram as to the sort of stuff that was required for the shoot its self, such as; A tripod and props to try and get the shoot to how i wanted it.

Our first forced perspective shoot ✌

For our first forced perspective shoot I went out with a small group of people, in our local area to try capture some forced perspective photos. This how ever easy it sounds is not, it turns out it’s alot more work then it looks. I often found myself lying or crouching on the ground to get the correct angle to show the different perspectives. I found this pretty interesting and fun to come with different ideas for shots within the group. For this shoot I used a bridge camera and my mobile.


Born in Devon,UK in 1979. He uses the world around him as a stage for his miniatures which he has done since 2006. The work embraces the world around it and often includes elements of street art, photography and sculptures. Slinkachus work has been in the media since 2006 and at present still is.

I found his work interiguing because even though he uses toy they are mainly mini people from train sets, which he often repaints to the kind of characters that he wants, but with some of his pieces especially his political pieces i find them more relatable because he uses mini figures of people.

the photographs above are named Trumped.. trumped is one of slinkachus many political pieces created in 2016. Included is a macro shot and a wide angle shot. In the wide angle shot the background is blurred with some sharp crisp parts but the main focal point has crisp smooth lines with no shadow which suggest light was above or it was taken in a shaded place with just natural light.

Brian McCarty

Brian McCarty was born 22nd July 1974, he is a photographer and an art director and a produce, he works in his studio but much prefers to be working out in different locations creating real life situations with his many different characters. He graduated from parsons school of design in 1996.

Brian has commissioned works with a lot of people as well as companies such as; Disney feature animation, UNICEF, Nickelodeon, Disney consumer products, MTV, Rockstar Games, Hasbro and Upper Deck plus many more. His commissioned work and personal work has been covered by Washington post, CNN, BBC world service, New York Times and Wired.





I have selected the images i have because i think they are playful and fun, I also like the fact that he has recreated scenes from actual movies themselves and i feel he has recreated them in a way that gives them a more three-dimensional perspective which makes them more realistic like they are in the real world rather then toys from animation movies.

Let the research begin..

Mike Stimpson

Mike was born in 1979 in West Midlands, England. He still lives there now. Mike happens to be a video game programmer rather than a photographer, photography is just something he does in his spare time. He is part of the stuck in plastic collective which is a small group of photographers dedicated to bring more toy photographers together, they all share knowledge and are trying to push toy photography further.. Mike is also known for his recreations of some famous photographs.



So far the work that i have seen of Mike Stimpson, I find it quite playful and enjoy looking through his many different shots, i also like his recreations taking such iconic photographs and making them entertaining and playful, for this project i will definitely be using mikes work for inspiration.


Out of all Mikes work, this has to be my favourite. Mainly because it is a very close recreation, even though his recreation is out of Lego it is still clear that it a recreation of the photo with the guys high up in the air on steel works, just sat having a chat and eating lunch.. i think its an iconic shot because it shows what used to happen on a daily but it also shows why health and safety regulations needed to be brought in on working sites.